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Questions & Answers
What about noise?

The Flag “whipping” is 350′ up in the air, moves with the wind direction, and is negligible near ground level.  The sister flag in Wisconsin is directly adjacent to large office buildings and has not had problems with noise. 

What about the height?
The Flagpole is 400ft tall. There are numerous cell towers, antennas, and buildings throughout Central Texas and Austin that are similar or even much taller. In addition, the FAA has granted permission and approved this height for safe operations.
What about the lights on the flag at night?
There are 48 individual – 400-watt LED lights on and on top of the surrounding circular wall shining directly up at the flag. The lighting is designed to not be visible outside the site.
Are there rules about lighting the flag?
Yes, if Flag is raised, it must be lit at both full height and half mast.
Will the tower fall?
No. The tower is designed for a 200-mph wind. It is a wind turbine. There are thousands all across Texas.
Will the tower provide video information to I-35 traffic?
It will be designed for both North and South streaming.
Will the flag have highway visibility?
The Flag will be best viewed about one mile or more away. The Flag base will only be seen adjacent to park.
Have there been any accidents near sister Flag at Acuity?
No, Acuity’s Monument was set in Spring 2014. There are radio towers as high at 1200 feet high near all major highways.
What is the design life of Tower?
50 years or more.
Why is the flag so big (70′ x 140′)?
It is designed proportional to the tower height. Monument is designed to be seen at a distance. The Flag will not be a visual distraction from I-35 for example, at 1,000 ft from the highway viewing distance to the Flag will appear 3.5 feet by 7 feet.
Will the tower sway?
No, there are three dampers installed at different levels that automatically adjust internal weights inside.
Will there be statues?
No, the field area needs to be open for viewing the Flag.
How is the park staffed?
There will be a Park Director and at least three paid staff. Docents will be trained as well.
How is the flag lowered and raised?

Normal maintenance requires about 6 to 12 up-close review or retirement of the flag per year.

What about AC and Sun protection?
There is a 4,600 s.f. (including reception) meeting room, restrooms, storage area. In addition, the design allows for a canvas circular canopy 12 ft wide against the wall. Seating will be provided as well.

Park Use

Why build this park?

Inspiration Park hopes that all Americans honor, respect, and learn about the US Flag. This park will generate community activity, foster local tourism, and provide and educational opportunity for all who come to visit. It deserves respect, honor and appreciation. Political influence, rallies, or co-opting of the educational theme of the park will not be permitted. This Park will also increase sales, hotel, and restaurant tax to the City based on visitors to Jarrell.

What is there to see?
Day-to-day we expect visitors, young and old, many on school buses and field trips; primarily viewing the Circular walls of US History & Wars. There is nothing similar known in the United States. The History Timeline Wall is 400 ft long and War Wall is a 136 ft long timeline. Large and small events could be held within, in conjunction with Fields of Honor and the Williamson County V M Plaza. There will be representatives of both of these organizations on our advisory board.

Park Management

Will it be fee-based to enter?
This is a non-profit foundation managed locally, board members are not paid. Entrance fees to enter the Park and tour the History Wall, etc, would range from $5.00 to $10.00 similar to movie tickets, and 100% of proceeds will be used for maintenance of the Park and donations/scholarships to local veteran, community, and youth groups.
What about parking?
There are about 200 free spaces and areas for 6 to 8 buses and RVs. No charges to view monument from lot.
Will there be security?
The circular wall is a 10′ tall and every aspect will be video monitored.